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Dr David Cadier


Executive Programme Teaching Fellow


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David Cadier

David-CadierDavid Cadier is a Fellow in International Strategy and Diplomacy at LSE IDEAS and a teaching fellow in the International Relations Department at the LSE.

Dr Cadier earned his PhD in Political Sciences and European Studies from Sciences Po (Paris) in 2012. His Dissertation, supervised by Professor Jacques Rupnik, analysed the foreign policies of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia since their accession to the EU. At IDEAS, he is mainly involved in the academic side of the running of the Executive Masters Program in Diplomacy and International Strategy.

Dr Cadier was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Washington (2011), a guest researcher at the Prague Institute of International Relations (2010) and a visiting scholar at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston (2009). He held teaching positions in International Politics and European Affairs at Charles University in Prague (2010) and at Sciences Po in Lille (2012). Finally, he had professional experiences at the OSCE Headquarters in Vienna (External Cooperation Section at the Office of the Secretary General) (2007), at the OSCE Mission to Serbia (2008) and at the French Embassy to Estonia (2006).  

Areas of Expertise

  • Central Europe
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • EU policies towards the East: European Neighbourhood Policy and EU-Russia relations
  • Transatlantic relations


Recent Publications

Russia’s foreign policy: international perceptions, domestic politics and external relations (co-edited with Margot Light), Palgrave, Palgrave Studies in International Relations, 2015 (forthcoming)

“The Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic”, in Federiga Bindi (ed.), National Foreign Policies and EU Foreign Policy: Conflict or Convergence?, Brookings Institution Press, 2015 (forthcoming)

“Between Eastern Partnership and Eurasian Union: towards an EU-Russia competition in their common neighbourhood?”, Global Policy, Vol. 5, Issue s1, October 2014

“Après le retour à l’Europe: convergences et contrastes dans les politiques étrangères des pays d’Europe centrale” [After the Return to Europe : Convergences and Contrasts in the foreign policies of Central European countries], Politique Etrangère, September 2012/3

“Can Civil Society play a role in Foreign Policy? Societal groups and parastate organizations in the Czech Republic”, in Sabine Fischer and Heiko Pleines (eds), Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Ibidem publishers, Stuttgart, 2010 


  • The Eurasian Union, the Eastern Partnership and the Ukraine Crisis
    Dr David Cadier authored a piece on EU-Russia relations and the Ukraine Crisis in the special issue of Global Policy produced in the framework of the Dahrendorf initiative and edited by H. Anheier, M.J. Chenard and A. Westad
  • Radio Interview - Polish Foreign Policy
    Dr David Cadier was interviewed by France Culture in the radio's daily show on international affairs. Podcast available here.
  • The Geopolitical Context of Poland's Foreign Policy
    Dr David Cadier has a piece on Poland's foreign policy in the September 2014 issue of Questions Internationales. Available here (in French)
  • EU Sanctions on Russia
    LSE IDEAS Teaching Fellow, Dr David Cadier, comments for the Moscow Times on the impact of EU sanctions on Russia
  • French Foreign Policy Toward Central Eastern Europe
    Dr David Cadier co-authored with Dr Elsa Tulmets a policy paper on France's policies towards Central Europe published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)
  • The End of the EU-Russia Entredeux
    Dr David Cadier authored a piece entitled a piece entitled 'Eurasian Economic Union and Eastern Partnership: the End of the EU-Russia Entredeux' in the recent report he edited for LSE IDEAS.
  • Report Launch - Russia's Eurasia Policies and the Ukraine Crisis
    LSE IDEAS organised an invitation-only roundtable discussion on Russia's Eurasia policies. The discussion was led by Prof. Margot Light and included presentations by Dr Kataryna Wolczuk, Dr Rilka Dragneva and Dr David Cadier
  • GLOBSEC Diplomatic Forum
    Dr David Cadier is attending the 2014 edition of GLOBSEC, one of the leading foreign policy conference in Europe.
  • Approaching EU-Russia relations differently
    LSE IDEAS Fellow, Dr David Cadier, took part in a seminar organized by the Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group 'EU-Russia Relations: Developing a Transnational Perspective'. He spoke on the interaction of EU and Russia policies in their common neighbourhood.
  • International Studies Association Annual Convention 2014
    Dr David Cadier participated to the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association in Toronto. He presented a paper on the role of historical narratives in foreign policy discourses and another one on Czech Republic’s foreign policy towards the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood.
  • Weimar Triangle Working Sessions on EU-Russia relations
    LSE IDEAS Fellow, Dr David Cadier, participated to the 2014 Weimar Triangle Working Sessions, a workshop reuniting policy-makers, academics and journalists from Germany, France and Poland. This year’s topic was EU-Russia relations and Dr Cadier spoke on France’s policies towards Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood.
  • European Neighbourhood Policy and EU Enlargement
    Dr David Cadier published a chapter on the European Neighbourhood Policy in LSE IDEAS latest special report on EU enlargement.
  • National Perspectives on the Future of the EU
    Dr David Cadier took part in a round-table on the future of the EU organized, at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by the Prague Institute of International Relations and CERI-Sciences Po.
  • Dr David Cadier comments on spying allegations and EU-US relations
    LSE IDEAS Fellow, Dr David Cadier, comments on Voice of America on the potential impact of the spying allegations scandal for the future of transatlantic relations and the trade deal under discussion.
  • New and Evolving Trends of International Security
    A new publication co-edited by Dr David Cadier, prepared in the framework of the EU-funded Transworld project on the future of transatlantic relations and published by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in April 2013.