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Viktor Apryshchenko

Dr Apryshchenko is Head of Modern History Department and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the History Faculty, Southern Federal University, Russia.

His research interests include study of shaping and transformation of European identity, both from historical perspective and from recently one, especially the British identities, and history as factor of its construction; migrant identity in Modern Europe, and European experience of diversity management; national identity in modern culture. He is also interested in ethnic processes in Modern Russia and migrant process within Southern Russia including migration from Caucasus. He is a member of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (LSE). Also he is a member Russian Society of Intellectual History (Russian Academy of Science) and editorial boards of Cogito, Anthology of a History of Ideas and British Studies. He is currently planning an article and edited book on Scottish national identity in Modern times.

In 2004 Dr Apryshchenko was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellowship, and in 2007 he was recipient of Carnegie Foundation fellowship.

He is author of more then 50 published works including The Union and Modernization: the Constructing of Scottish National Identity in the Eighteenth and the First Half of the nineteenth Centuries. (Rostov na Donu, 2008), Nations and Nationalism from the Historical Anthropology Approach, in Proceedings of the Institutions of Higher Education of the North Caucasus Region. Social Sciences (2006), no.1, pp. 32-38, An issues of Identity and a Cultural Nationalism of XVIII-XIX-th, in Political Culture of XIX-th: Russia and Europe", (Moscow, Institute of Universal History of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2005), pp. 124-140. He is also a co-author of Dialogues with Time. Memory and History. (Moscow, Institute of Universal History of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2008) and Transboundary Migration into Russia (Moscow, 2008).