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Gilles Kepel

“Kepel is the best possible guide through the frightening labyrinth of militant Islam” 
William Dalrymple, Guardian

Gilles Kepel is one of France and Europe’s leading experts on Islamism, the Middle East and North Africa. His books such as Jihad: the Trial of Political Islam have been translated into 17 languages. 

Professor Kepel’s lectures as Philippe Roman Chair explored the nature of Islamism and the future of the Middle East, Muslims in Europe and American engagement with the Muslim world. 


Beyond Terror and Martydom: the future of the Middle East

The Bush administration’s ‘War on Terror’ has dominated American understanding of the Middle East.

Gilles Kepel analyses the consequences this has for the region and America’s allies there. 

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Jihad: the trail of Political Islam

Political Islam has emerged as one of the great ideologies of the modern world. How did this occur? 

Gilles Kepel explores the origins of Islamism and its future, discussing if it makes a clash of civilization inevitable.  

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Muslims in Modern Europe

Today over 13 million people from Muslim backgrounds live and work in modern Europe.

Gilles Kepel looks at the complex character of the Muslim population in Europe and explains the many different ways in which they see the world around them.


Barack Obama and the Muslim World

How successful has President Obama’s engagement with the Muslim world been? 

Gilles Kepel assess the impact of the of Obama’s cultural outreach. 


Other Events

Following the start of the Arab Spring, Gilles Kepel returned to LSE in 2011 to assess prospects for the region's revolts, from the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings to suppression in Bahrain and Syria, civil war in Yemen and Libya, and the challenges arising from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a lecture entitled Revolution and Counter-revolution in the Arab World. Listen:

Strategic Update: The Middle East: Intractable Conflict?

Professor Kepel contributed to the IDEAS Strategic Update The Middle East: Intractable Conflict? with an article on The Future of Political Islam and the 'War on Terror'. Read the Strategic Update now.

KepelAbout Gilles Kepel

Professor Gilles Kepel is Chair of Middle East and Mediterranean Studies at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

He is a board member at the Social Science Research Council in New York and the Institute of the Arab World in Paris. He was formerly a visiting Professor at New York University and Columbia University. 

Kepel received his PhD in Political Science from Science Po and also holds degrees in Arabic, English, and Philosophy. His books have been translated in 17 languages. 

Find out more on Gilles Kepel's website or his Sciences Po page.

The Middle East: Intractable Conflict?
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