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Professor Gilles Kepel

GillesKepelProfessor Gilles Kepel of Sciences Po held the Philippe Roman Chair during the 2009-10 academic year.

Professor Kepel is best known for his books on the Middle East and North Africa, and for his work on Islamism, including Islamism in Europe. Professor Gilles Kepel holds degrees in Arabic, English and philosophy, a PhD in sociology and a PhD in political science. Previous international teaching experience includes a visiting professorship at New York University (1994) and a visiting professorship at Columbia University (1995-1996). He is Director of the Chaire Moyen-Orient/Méditerranée and of the doctoral program on the Muslim World at Sciences Po, and Director of the "Middle East" book series at the Presses Universitaires de France. 


  • What Next for the Middle East?
  • French Lessons in Londonistan
    Gilles Kepel, National Interest: MUSLIMS HAVE been landing on the shores of Britain and France for decades. And, as these populations arrived and settled in the Republic, Paris pursued a policy it believed would eventually lead immigrants to full cultural integration into French society. Meanwhile, London, facing a similar influx of foreigners, attempted to create a full-fledged multicultural polity.