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Professor Niall Ferguson

ferguson_88x117Professor Niall Ferguson of Harvard University was the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Professor Ferguson is an academic historian, journalist and television presenter. He is Laurence A Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, a contributing editor of the Financial Times and a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. He is also William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He has presented several television documentaries based on his books - the most recent being The Ascent of Money on Channel 4. After publishing Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire in 2004, Time magazine to name him one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

Professor Ferguson said: 'I am looking forward greatly to spending a year at the London School of Economics, an institution I have long revered as one of the great centres of economic and historical study in Europe.' The Philippe Roman Chair in International History is located in LSE IDEAS, the centre for the study of international affairs, diplomacy and grand strategy. Professor Arne Westad, co-director of IDEAS, said: 'To attract an academic of such standing demonstrates LSE's pulling power in a fiercely competitive world. It will be a privilege to have Niall here.'

HY4A1- Western Ascendancy: “The Mainsprings of Global Power from 1600 to the Present" - Fridays - 17:00 18:00

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic History
  • Financial History
  • International Relations
  • Military Conflict

Select Publications

  • High Financier: The Lives and Time of Siegmund Warburg, (London: Penguin Press, 2010)
  • The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, (New York: Penguin Press, 2008)
  • Colossus: the rise and fall of the American empire, (London: Allen Lane/Penguin Press, 2004)
  • Empire: how Britain made the modern world, (London: Allen Lane/Penguin Press, 2003) News


  • Video: Out of Europe? The United States in an Asian Age
    Niall Ferguson argues that the world is now being shaped more by the emerging economies of the East than by the once dominant West.
  • Niall Ferguson: Nuclear Arms and Human Rights
    Video: The decisive breakthroughs that ultimately shattered the Soviet Union occurred into seemingly unrelated fields — nuclear arms control and human rights. What were the links between these?
  • BBC iPlayer - Newsnight: 01/03/2011
    Sue Onslow and Niall Ferguson comment on government plans to stop direct development aid to 16 countries and freeze the level of assistance given to India in an episode of Newsnight that aired on the BBC on 1 March.
  • New Issue of IDEAS Today
    IDEAS' region-by-region review of international affairs over the last twelve months features IDEAS Philippe Roman Chair Professor Niall Ferguson disucssing the nature of global trends.
  • Niall Ferguson - The Grand Strategy of Détente
    Video: 'Nixon goes to China' shattered the façade of Communist unity and dug the United States out of the hole it found itself in at the end of the 1960s. Critics have seen Nixon and Kissinger's policy as morally compromised, but was it actually the key to America's victory in the Cold War?
  • Niall Ferguson - The Third World's War
    Podcast, Video: Although never a "hot" war between the superpowers, the Cold War was waged partly through a series of proxy wars in Third World countries from Guatemala to Korea to Vietnam.
  • Niall Ferguson: The Political Economy of the Cold War
    Watch Prof Niall Ferguson deliver the lecture, ' The Political Economy of the Cold War'. This also includes a short interview with additional thoughts on the topic.
  • Power Shift: Myth and Reality
    Two great tectonic plates are on the move – China and the US – and the rest of the world is struggling to adjust to new realities and new relationships. The Autumn 2010 issue of LSE Research brings together four of the most eminent thinkers on the subject, all affiliated with LSE IDEAS: co-directors Arne Westad and Michael Cox; Senior Fellow Danny Quah, and the current holder of the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs Professor Niall Ferguson.
  • A-level results: An ever-upward spiral | The Economist
    Such changes have impoverished British education, argues Niall Ferguson, a Scottish historian who teaches at Harvard University. He complains that continual assessment has narrowed the syllabus, and that children are not taught narrative history. Pupils are asked to choose from “a smorgasbord of unrelated topics” and fail to develop a coherent world view.