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IDEAS PhD Scholars

Pinto Scholarship

The LSE IDEAS-Cold War Studies Programme awards the Maurice Pinto PhD Scholarship. The award supports research into the history of the Cold War. The scholarship covers fees and living expenses and the recipients have a research affiliation with LSE IDEAS.


Natalia Telepneva is a PhD candidate and teaches in the International History Department at the LSE. Her research focuses on Soviet relations with national liberation movements in Portuguese Africa, 1961-1975.


Wes Ullrich is a PhD student in the International History Department. His research focuses on western perceptions of leadership and regime change in the USSR, 1953-1956.


Stonex Scholarship

The Stonex PhD scholarship is a three-year scholarship which covers both student fees and living costs. It is awarded every three years to two students demonstrating exceptional academic ability and achievement, one from the International Relations Department and one from the International History Department.


Benjamin Mueller is the International Relations Stonex PhD Scholar at LSE IDEAS.



Simon Toner is the International History Stonex PhD Scholar at LSE IDEAS.


South-East Asia Scholar


Muhammad Hadianto (Ian) Wirajuda is the Southeast Asia Programme PhD Scholarship holder at LSE IDEAS


Previous PhD Scholars


Victor Figueroa Clark gained his PhD in the International History department at the LSE. His research looks at the role of Chilean internationalists in Central America in the 1980s. He is a research associate of the Latin America International Affairs Programme.



Harcourt Fuller gained his PhD in the International History Department at the LSE. Supervised by Dr. Joanna Lewis, Harcourt's PhD thesis is entitled Building the Nation: Symbolic Nationalism during the Kwame Nkrumah Era in the Gold Coast/Ghana.