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Paulsen Fellowship Programme

The Programme has two central aims:

  •  To bring 20 early-career academic historians from several Russian universities, particularly regional ones, to study as fellos at the LSE for one or three months under the 5 year Paulsen Fellowship Programme. These historians will be working in the history of Russian international relations broadly defined between 1700 and 1917. These fellowships should enable young Russian scholars not just to deepen their research on specific fields but also to grow intellectually and widen their horizons and their networks withing LSE's internationally focused and interdisciplinary environment. The final year for the Paulsen Fellowship Programme is 2014-2015 and applications are now closed.
  • To organise and present an international academic conference focusing on Russian's struggle with Napoleon and the subsequent Congress of Vienna, times to coincide with the bicentenary of the end of the war and the opening of the Congress. The conference organisers anticipate that Russia's defeat of Napoleon required a network of alliances with other European powers and illustrated that Russian and European security were indissolubly linked. This anniversary of Russia's triumph over Napoleon will be a moment Russian public awareness of the wars and their aftermath will be at its height. A historian's perspective, particularly from outside Russia, will interject an international note into the proceedings and support the best Russian scholars in what very well might become a raucous and political debate with strong contemporary political implications.

Previous fellows


Ms. Oksana Goncharova| is the current Paulsen Fellow at LSE IDEAS. She a lecturer at the Department of Regional and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Public Administration.


Darya Vershinina| is an Associate Professor at Perm State University (Perm, Russia), where she received her PhD in 2007.


Andrey Larin| is a senior lecturer at Samara State University (Samara, Russia).


Yulia Komleva| is Associate Professor at the Chair of Modern and Contemporary History of Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Yan Vaslavskiy| is Associate Professor of the Political Theory Department of the Faculty of Political Science, MGIMO-University, Moscow, Russia.


Artem Dankov |was a Paulsen Fellow of the Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at Tomsk State University.

Victor Apryshchenko

Victor Apryshchenko| is Head of Modern History Department and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the History Faculty, Southern Federal University, Russia.

Stanislav Malkin

Dr Stanislav Malkin| was a Paulsen Fellow of the Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at the Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities.