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Previous Events - 2011


Is Myanmar out of the woods?

Wednesday, 7 December 2011, COL 2.01. 11am to 1:30pm
Dr Zarni (Speaker) Dr Munir Majid (Chair)


Global Political Challenges: women advancing democracy

Friday, 2 December 2011. 6.30pm Old Theatre, Old Building
Speaker: Dr Madeline Korbel Albright. Chair: Professor Karen Smith


Caamaño in London: The Exile of a Latin American Revolutionary by Fred Halliday (published posthumously)

Thursday, 1 December 2011. 5.30pm COL 2.01
Speakers: Professor James Dunkerley, Ambassador Federico Cuello Camino, Dr Tanya Harmer, Dr Francisco Panizza (chair)


Jawaharlal Nehru and China: a study in failure?

Tuesday 29 November 2011. 6.30pm Old Theatre
Speaker: Dr Ramachandra Guha; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


UK Premiere - Robert Mugabe: What happened?

Monday, 28 November. 6.00pm, New Theatre, EAS171 East Building
Speaker: Simon Bright; Chair: Dr Sue Onslow


In Hobbes' Shadow: Why International intervention does not seem to be working

Thursday, 17 November 2011. 6.30pm. COL 2.01
Speaker:   Antonio Giustozzi Chair: Dr Toby Dodge



Future Cities:  Special Focus on Public Mobility

Friday, 25 November 2011, 9.00am to 1.00pm, The Box
Speakers: various

Revelations from the US Acrhives

Revisiting the 1973 Arab-Israeli War: Revelations from the U.S. Archives

Tuesday, 8 November 2011. 6.30pm. COL 2.01
Speakers: Professor Nigel Ashton, Dr. Adam Howard, Dr. Keith Hamilton Chair: Dr Roham Alvandi  


China's Financial Strategy through 2020 in light of the US Economic and Financial Crisis

Tuesday, 1 November 2011. 3pm. COL 2.01
Speakers: Xia Bin, Chair: Professor Danny Quah



The Anglo French Defence Treaty

Tuesday ,1 November 2011. 6.30pm, COL 2.01
Speaker: John CC Stevens; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


The Aid/Trade Debate: Africa and Globalisation

31 October 2011, 6.30pm Wolfson Theatre
eakers: Professor Shanta Devarajan, Eric-Vincent Guichard, Dr Sue Onslow


Allendes Chile and the Inter-American Cold War

26 October 2011, 7.00pm COL 2.01
Speaker: Dr Tanya Harmer, Chair: Arne Westad


Arguments with Gandhi

25 October 2011, 6.30pm Old Theatre Old Building
Speaker: Dr Ramachandra Guha; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


Dissidents and Diplomats: The Helsinki Final Act and the End of the Cold War

24, October 2011, 6.30pm COL 2.01
Speaker: Dr Sarah Snyder, Chair: Dr Arne Hofmann


 The End of the Party?

12 October 2011, 6.30pm, U8 Tower One
Speaker: Professor Rana Mitter, Chair: Professor Arne Westad


Islamist Terrorism and Democracy in the Middle East 

11 October 2011, 6.30pm, COL 2.01
Speaker: Dr Katerina Delacoura; Chair: Dr Toby Dodge


The Triumph of Politics: The Return of the Left in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador

4 October 2011, 6.30pm, COL 2.01
Speakers: Dr Francisco Panizza, Professor George Philip
Chair: Professor Maxine Molyneux



2011 European Summer School on Cold War History

7-10 September 2011
Padua (Italy)


LSE-FGV Summer Workshop: Latin America in the 21st Century

9 July 2011, New Academic Building, LSE
Organisers: LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs,Centre for International Relations at the Fundação Getulio Vargas (CPDOC-FGV); Sponsor: British Academy.


LSE-FGV Brazil Conference: Brazil and the Americas in the 21st century

7-8 July 2011, LSE
Organisers: LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs,Centre for International Relations at the Fundação Getulio Vargas (CPDOC-FGV); Sponsor: British Academy.


What China Wants

28 June 2011, 4.30-6.00pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Li Fan; Chair: Professor Michael Cox


Turkey in the World

15 June 2011, 6.30pm, Old Theatre
Speakers: Professor Sevket Pamuk, Fadi Hakura, Professor Michael Cox


Iranian Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change

13 June 2011, 6.00pm, Thai Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE
Speaker: Dr Mahdi Ahouie


A Shadow of Its Former Self? Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe's Education System

9 June 2011, 6.00pm, Alumni Theatre
Speaker: Peter Godwin; Chair: Baroness Bonham Carter

Barbed Wire

The Balkans in the Cold War

International Conference, 27-29 May, 2011, Athens, Greece
The objective of the conference is to examine the Balkans between WW2 and the end of the Cold War (1945-1990)


The Lessons of Northern Ireland for Contemporary Counterterrorism and Conflict Resolution Policy

23 May 2011, 6.30pm, Old Theatre
Speakers: Professor Richard English, Martin Mansergh, Rt.Hon. David Trimble, Jonathan Powell; Chair: Professor Michael Cox


A Long Goodbye: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan

19 May 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Artemy Kalinovsky; Chair: Dr Arne Hofmann

Liberal Leviathan

Liberal Leviathan: The Origins, Crisis, and Transformation of the American World Order

18 May 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speakers: Professor G. John Ikenberry, Dr Dana Allin; Chair: Dr Nicholas Kitchen


African Revolutions and Political Transitions: the view from Paris

17 May 2011, 6:30pm, KSW.G1 (20 Kingsway Building)
Speaker: Mr Stephane Gompertz, Head of Africa and the Indian Ocean Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France; Chair: Dr. Sue Onslow


An Analysis of the Singapore General Elections 2011

17 May 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Mustafa Izzuddin, Chair: Dr Munir Majid


The US-Japan Alliance in the 21st Century

11 May 2011, 3.00-4.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Matteo Dian; Chair: Professor Michael Cox


A World Without Superpowers: De-centered Globalism

10 May 2011, 6.30pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre
Speaker: Professor Barry Buzan; Chair: Professor Michael Cox


Obama and American Power Today

9 May 2011, co-organised with the Eccles Centre at the British Library and the University of Manchester      ***Registration Required***
Plenary Lecture: Professor Robert Jervis


Transforming Brazilian Defence: Perspectives and Challenges

5 May 2011, 5:00pm, COL.B212
Speakers: Dr Juliana Bertazzo, Cap Fuad Gatti Kouri, Mr. James Lockhart-Smith; Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer


4th World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists: Defining the Roadmap for the Next Decade

March 23-24, 2011, Shangri - La Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Speaker: Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid


Mexico Today: Economic Prospects and Public Security

21-24 March 2011, LSE Campus
Speakers include: Ernesto Cordero, Alejandro Poiré, Sergio Montaño


What Next for Algeria?

22 March 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speakers: Professor Lahouari Addi, Ms Amel Boubekeur; Chair: Dr Sue Onslow


The International Insertion of Uruguay in the world

22 March 2011, 5.00-6.00pm,  Wolfson Theatre
Speaker: Luis Almagro (Uruguayan Foreign Minister)


The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Mexican Public Sphere

16 March 2011, 6.30pm, NAB. 2.04
Speaker: Professor Pablo Piccato; Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer


Singapore General Elections 2011-12: Watershed or Watertight?

3 March 2011, 6:30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Mustafa Izzuddin; Chair: Dr Munir Majid


Out of Europe? The United States in an Asian Age

2 March 2011, 6:30pm, Old Theatre
Speakers: Professor Michael Cox, Professor Arne Westad, Professor Niall Ferguson


Nuclear Arms and Human Rights

1 March 2011, 6:30pm, Old Theatre
Speaker: Professor Niall Ferguson; Chair: Professor Michael Cox


Catch-Up History and the Cold War

23 February 2011, 6:30pm, Hong Kong Theatre
Speaker: Professor Peter Hennessy; Chair: Dr Arne Hofmann


China's Public Diplomacy: From Ping-Pong Diplomacy to the Shanghai World Expo

23 February 2011, 3.00-4.00pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Xu Zhaoyang; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


As China Goes So Goes the World: How Chinese Consumers Are Transforming Everything

16 February 2011, 5:30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr. Karl Gerth; Chair: Professor Arne Westad

End of Arrogance book cover

End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas

9 February 2011, 6:30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Prof Bruce W Jentleson, Prof Steven Weber; Chair: Dr Nicholas Kitchen


Asia-Pacific Security Dynamics in the Obama Era: Systemic Turbulence in Transitional Times

8 February 2011, 6:30pm COL.B212
Speaker: Mr. Mahmud Ali; Chair: Professor Arne Westad

Dead Hand

Reagan, Gorbachev and New Evidence on Strategic Weapons and the End of the Cold War

7 February 2011, 7:00 pm, COL.B212
Speaker: David Hoffman; Chair: Dr Arne Hofmann


Migrant Labour and the Making of Modern Malaysia

3 February 2011, 6:30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Eva-Lotta Hedman; Chair: Dr Munir Majid


8 Things You Need To Know About the 21st Century: A View from Indonesia

31 January 2011, 6:30pm, CLM.D602
Speaker: Dr Dino Patti Djalal; Chair: Dr Munir Majid



The United States, the Cold War, and Military Dictatorships in the Southern Cone

27 January 2011, 6:30pm, NAB.204
Speaker: Prof. Stephen G. Rabe; Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer


International Politics and Security in Latin America: An English School Perspective

27 January 2011, 5:00pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Federico Merke; Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer


Norms, Values and Cold War Threats: National Security and Refugee Policies in Post-War Sweden

26 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Cecilia Notini Burch; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


Experiencing War: A Roundtable

25 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speakers: Professor Stephen Chan, Dr Jill Gibbon, Dr Heonik Kwon, Professor Christine Sylvester; Chair: Professor Kimberly Hutchings


British-Scandinavian Relations and 'Total Diplomacy' during the Early Cold War

20 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Iben Bjoernsson; Chair: Professor Patrick Salmon


The Grand Strategy of Détente

18 January 2011, 6.30pm, Old Theatre
Speaker: Professor Niall Ferguson; Chair: Professor Arne Westad


Politics and the Rule of Law in Thailand: Reflections on Prospects for the 2011 Elections

13 January 2011, 6:30pm, The Box
Speakers: Prof Duncan McCargo, Prof Peter Leyland; Co-Chairs: Dr Martin Gainsborough, Dr Eva-Lotta Hedman


Cold War "Battles" at a Community Level: Peace Corps Volunteers in Chile 1961-1973

12 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212
Speaker: Dr Fernando Purcell; Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer