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IDEAS Events

IDEAS hosts a wide variety of events including public lectures, policy planning workshops, and international conferences. 

Upcoming Events


The Balkans in the Cold War: Book Launch Discussion
Friday April 28th, 6-7.30pm, LSE IDEAS (Tower 2, Room 9.04) RSVP

The new edited volume ‘Balkans in the Cold War’ contains 16 contributions from renowned experts and scholars on how the global Cold War manifested in the Balkans. Join us for a Q&A with the editors, with introductory comments by Arne Westad and Vesselin Dimitrov.


Pathways to Peace in Colombia
Thu 4 May, 1-2.30pm, Thai Theatre, LSE RSVP

Joshua Mitrotti, director of Colombia’s Agency for Reintegration will talk about the challenges and achievements of a ground-breaking approach to absorb thousands of former paramilitaries and guerrilla fighters into productive employment as part of the country’s post-conflict transition.


Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West
Thursday 25th May, 6.30-8pm, venue tba - register your interest

Do recent ISIS inspired terror attacks in France represent an outbreak of violence that has long been building? In this lecture, author and terrorism expert Gilles Kepel reveals the truth about the virulent new wave of jihadism that has Europe as its main target.


Most Recent Events 


Trump and China in the Asian Century
Part of the Rethinking the Cold War Lecture Series with the University of Sheffield.  The election of Donald Trump as president signals a profound change in US foreign relations. In this lecture, Professor Arne Westad of Harvard University asks what the reactions to the Trump presidency are likely to be in eastern Asia and whether we are facing a fundamental power shift in the region.


The New Silk Routes: How is infrastructure reconnecting Asia?
LSE IDEAS-LSE Department for International Relations event 
China’s recent revival of the historic ‘Silk Road’ has captured the imaginations of both policymakers and business leaders. At this event, representatives from the Reconnecting Asia project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC explained their ambitious initiative to map infrastructure projects across Eurasia.

Life and Times of Clement Attlee

The Life and Times of Clement Attlee: From Houghton Street to Downing Street 

Clement Attlee was one of the great sons of the LSE, yet he was looked down upon by many academics on the left. What have intellectuals missed about Attlee and what does Attlee’s life say about the story of the left in modern Britain and indeed the part played by the LSE in that history?

Americans & Human Rights

The World Reimagined: Americans and human rights Part of the Rethinking the Cold War Lecture Series with the University of Sheffield.  How did the idea of 'human rights' develop in the twentieth century? In this lecture, Mark Bradley explored how changes in US culture and thought from the 1940-70s changed the American idea of what it means to be free, leading to the modern concept of 'universal human rights'.


Revolutions in the Afghan Desert

Part of the LSE Literary Festival 2017  The story of how vast areas of desert in Afghanistan have been transformed into farming land through the use of revolutionary new technologies in the poppy and opium trade. This event was part of the IDEAS exhibition on the topic, and included insight from satellite imagery.


From One Cold War to Another? 

Part of the  LSE Literary Festival 2017  A wide ranging conversation with authors and columnists Anne Applebaum, Gideon Rachman, and Jonathan Fenby on if Russia and the West are facing a 'New Cold War', the rise of China, and the future of the international order.


Watch & Listen: Drug Policies Beyond the 'War on Drugs'?
Part of the LSE Works lecture series

As countries examine new ways of managing drugs beyond the failed 'war on drugs' model, this event explored the future of drug policy and the role of LSE research in driving government policies around the world.


Featured Podcasts

EU Referendum: What Now?

EU Referendum: What Now?

The Monday after the UK voted for Brexit, LSE IDEAS held an event with Sarasin & Partners on what happens now. LSE experts and guests from business and politics discussed the impact on the global markets, the UK economy, British politics, and the wider world. 

The Legacy of Peace

The Legacy of Peace: Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos

Joint LSE IDEAS-LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre event.  The LSE IDEAS International Drug Policy Project was honoured to welcome President of Colombia and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Juan Manuel Santos to the LSE on November 2nd, where he said the referendum result could be a "blessing in disguise" for the peace process. 

The Decline of the West in the New Asian Century?

The Decline of the West in the New Asian Century?

Financial Times columnist Gideon Rachman and experts from LSE IDEAS discussed his new book Easternisation, debating how far Asia's growing wealth will move the international balance of power away from the West, Chinese nationalism, and the US-China competition for allies in Asia. 


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