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Supremacy or Survival? The West in an Asian Century

Monday 4th August 2014, 5.30pm, Old Theatre, Old Building
Speakers: Professor Danny Quah and Professor Michael Cox

The last few years have witnessed what many analysts believe to be a major power shift every bit as important that which led to the rise of the USA after WWII. Where this shift might lead is now a subject of great debate with some experts forecasting increased conflict - especially in Asia as a result of China's rise - while others assume that the very dynamics of a modern integrated capitalist world economy with its complex webs of interdependency preclude such an outcome. But how far has power shifted away from the West? Is there a new Asian Century in the making? And if there is, what will this mean for the West?

Please note that this is a LSE Summer School public debate and available only to Summer School students.


A copy of Professor Danny Quah's powerpoint presentation is available to download here. A written adaptation of Professor Quah's lecture, Economics, Democracy and the New World Order, is available here.

A copy of Professor Michael Cox's presentation is available to download here. 


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Professor Michael Cox is Founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor in International Relations.


Professor Danny Quah is Professor of Economics and International Development, and Kuwait Professor at LSE.