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Contemporary Russia and The Balkans

Tuesday 19 February 2013, 6.30 to 8.00pm, COL 2.01 Columbia House

Speaker: Dr. Peter Duncan
Chair: Dr. Marietta Stankova
Discussant: Dr. David Cadier

Russia's policies towards the Balkans have remained one of the barometers of its relations with Western powers. NATO's interventions in the former Yugoslavia and in Kosovo symptomized Russia's decline as a regional power - Moscow felt ignored by the West in relation to the resolution of the conflicts. President Putin was similarly unable to prevent the recognition of Kosovo's independence by Western countries in 2008. At present, and beyond cultural proximity, the relationship with Serbia is seemingly being strengthened on a mutual resentment towards the West. Peter Duncan will analyse the role of the Balkans in contemporary Russian foreign policy.

This seminar will be followed by a small reception where the guests are invited to continue the discussion.




Dr. Peter Duncan is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Russian Politics and Society at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.





Dr. Marietta Stankova is author of 'Georgi Dimitrov A Biography'.





Dr. David Cadier is a Fellow in Diplomacy and International Strategy at LSE IDEAS and a teaching fellow in the International Relations Department at the LSE.