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Moments of Truth

Thursday 10 October 2013, 6.00 - 7.30pm, Room B13, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields (LIF)
Speaker: Professor George Philip; Chair: Dr Francisco Panizza

Financial crises have political repercussions that vary considerably across regions and countries. They cut across international and domestic politics and involve intense interactions between international and regional actors, governments, and citizens. While the economic factors behind financial crises are often similar, political responses tend to differ considerably. This book looks at their political repercussions in a comparative perspective. It includes single and comparative case studies of financial crises across different regions including: Asia (South Korea 1997), Latin America (Mexico 1982 and 1994-1995; Venezuela 1994; Argentina and Uruguay 2001-2002), Russia (1998) and the contemporary crises in the US and some key European countries (UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Denmark). 

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Professor George Philip is a professor of comparative and Latin American politics in the Department of Government at LSE.



Francisco Panizza

Dr Francisco Panizza is Head of the LSE IDEAS Latin American International Affairs Programme and Reader in the Department of Government, LSE.  



B13, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields (LIF), London School of Economics. Map.


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