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After the Arab Spring: Power Shift in the Middle East

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Speakers: Professor Anoush Ehteshami, Dr. Amnon Aran, Mr. Roger Cohen
Chair: Dr Toby Dodge

Sponsored jointly with the LSE Middle East Centre

Tuesday 1 May 2012, 6.30 to 8.00pm, Old Theatre, Old Building

As the revolutions of 2011 become the politics of 2012, has power shifted in the Middle East and has Iran been the main beneficiary? This roundtable assessed the strategies the United States, Israel and other powers in the region are responding to.

A new IDEAS Special Report on Power Shifts in the Middle East was launched at this event. The report is available to be purchased online here


 To listen to the podcast for this event click here


Anoush Ehteshami

Professor Anoush Ehteshami, Professor in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University

Amnon Aran

Dr. Amnon Aran, Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Politics, City University London


Roger Cohen

Mr. Roger Cohen, columnist for the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune



Dr Toby Dodge is Head of the LSE IDEAS Middle East International Affairs Programme, a  Reader in the International Relations Department at the LSE and a Senior Consulting Fellow for the Middle East, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.





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