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Islamists in Power - Governing the Arab World?

Speaker: Professor Gilles Kepel

Chair: Professor Craig Calhoun

Wednesday 21 November 2012, 6.30pm, Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

More than a year after the Arab revolutions started, Islamist movements have won most of the elections that took place in the aftermath. Have they hijacked the demonstrations and sacrifice of the students and the youth  that brought down the ancient régimes - for the sake of their own power system - or have they truly espoused democracy? Though they bear similarities, the events of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria - not to forget Bahrain - took place in different backgrounds. What are the consequences of the evolutions for the political arena in Arab countries, and for their relations with the West?



Professor Gilles Kepel is Professor and Chair, Middle East and Mediterranean Studies at the Institut d' Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.




Professor Craig Calhoun is the Director of the London School of Economics.



Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, London School of Economics. 

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