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UK-Argentina: Is There a Way Forward?

Speakers: Ambassador Alicia Castro and Dr John Hughes
Moderator: Professor George Philip
Chair: Dr Francisco Panizza

Thursday 17 May 2012, 6.30-8pm. Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building

Although thirty years have passed since the South Atlantic conflict, disagreements over the Falkland/Malvinas islands continue to cast a shadow over UK-Argentina relations. This panel focused on what diplomatic steps could be taken to reduce current tensions, and improve long-term relations between the UK and Argentina.

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Ambassador Alicia Castro is the current Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom.



Dr John Hughes is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Government at LSE, and a former UK ambassador to Argentina.


 Professor George Philip is a professor of comparative and Latin American politics in the Department of Government at LSE.


Francisco Panizza

 Dr Francisco Panizza is the current Head of the LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs Programme, and a Reader in the Department of Government at LSE.