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Fighting World War Three from the Middle East

Professor Michael Cohen (Speaker) and Dr Toby Dodge (Chair)
Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 6.30-8pm. COL.2.01, Columbia House 

The diplomacy of the United States and Britain in the Middle East during the early Cold War years was determined by the need to prepare for World War Three against the Soviet Block. Professor Michael Cohen discussed the factors that shaped the allied position and strategic interests. Building on extracts from his book 'Fighting World War Three from the Middle East', Cohen argued that it were the assets sought by the allies in the region rather than ideological confrontations that defined International Relations in the Middle East from 1945 to 1955.



Professor Michael J. Cohen holds the Lazarus Philips Chair in History at Bar-Ilan University; Has published 8 books and over 40 articles in learned journals, and edited several books; among his publications, Churchill and the Jews (1985, 2003 - revised paperback edition) and Truman and Israel (1990);




Dr Toby Dodge  is the Head of the LSE IDEAS Middle East International Affairs Programme, a Reader in the International Relations Department at the LSE and a Senior Consulting Fellow for the Middle East, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.






COL.2.01, Columbia House. London School of Economics.   Map.