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Piracy in Somalia: Inside the Pirate Business

Professor Stig Hansen 
Monday 27 February 2012, 7.00 - 8.30pm. COL 2.01, Columbia House

Since 2006 a game has been played in the Indian ocean, where piracy first exploded and increased its cope, then the shipping sector and the international community took counter measures, which in turn led to new pirate strategies. Stig Jarle Hansen discussed how the dynamics of Somali piracy have influenced the frequency of piracy attacks, and how various international actors invented counter measures to curtail piracy, that again influenced the dynamics of Somali piracy. He argued that the problem of anti-piracy politics today is that it views on-shore Somalia as separated from off-shore counter measures, and that what is needed, despite recent anti-piracy successes, is a more holisitic approach.


Professor Stig Hansen completed a doctorate in International Relations at the then-University of Wales Aberystwyth in 2006, and now teaches international relations at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He also does consultancy work for NATO. 

Dr Sue Onslow  is an Associate of the Africa International Affairs programme at LSE IDEAS and a guest lecturer in the Department for International Development at the LSE.





COL 2.01, Columbia House, London School of Economics. Map.