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Transforming Brazilian Defence: Perspectives and Challenges

5 May 2011, 5.00pm, Room B212
Dr Juliana Bertazzo, Cap Fuad Gatti Kouri, Mr. James Lockhart-Smith, Dr Tanya Harmer (chair) 

DefesaNacionalCan a state protect its interests without well-equipped armed forces? What are the main security challenges to Brazil in the short and long terms? Most importantly, is Brazil prepared to face them? These are some of the key questions requiring attention and study from Brazilian policy makers and armed forces. With the greatest territorial extension and number of bordering states in the continent and an enduring ambition to hold a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, there is a growing awareness that these questions can no longer be postponed. This roundtable does not aim to offer the answers, but to bring the central issues into debate by providing an overview of the Brazilian Defence, taking into account the current National Defence Strategy, the role assumed by the Armed Forces in internal peacekeeping operations and the controversial incentives to the national defence industry. It will examine the prospects for the fulfilment of Brazil's aspiration of regional leadership and global influence in light of the obstacles posed by the domestic social and political aspects as well as the opportunities posed by a transforming global scenario.

This event is part of the LSESU Brazilian Society event series, "Brazil: the next superpower?", hosted in cooperation with the LSE Ideas Latin America International Affairs Programme.



Dr Juliana Bertazzo is an LAIAP Associate and an Associate Fellow at the Institute for the Study of the Americas. Her publications include articles on the transformation of the Brazilian military and a chapter on security regimes of the Americas in an edited volume recently published by CLACSO.

Fuad Gatti Kouri2

Captain Fuad Gatti Kouri is the Brazilian Defense and Naval Attaché in the U.K., Norway and Sweden since 2009.

John Lockhardt-Smith

Mr. James Lockhart-Smith is an independent consultant on Latin America. Between August 2008 and February 2011 he worked at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). He has also written several shorter pieces, including the 2011 edition of the Military Balance chapter on Latin America, and is a regular freelance contributor to various political risk consultancies.




Tanya Harmer is head of the Latin American International Affairs Programme at LSE IDEAS: Diplomacy and Strategy.


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