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Migrant Labour and the Making of Modern Malaysia

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Dr Eva-Lotta Hedman, Dr Munir Majid (chair)
3 February 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212


Malaysia's economic growth and prosperity are well documented. Less recognised is the role of migrant workers in the making of modern Malaysia. An estimated third of the total workforce, Malaysia's migrant workers also include an unusually high proportion whose presence is deemed illegal under the country's Immigration Act. This seminar will examine ways in which changing modalities of unfree labour have accompanied economic growth and development since the expansion of the British Empire into Southeast Asia. It will also show how, in the present context of continued structural reliance upon migrant labour of entire economic sectors, recent changes in migration policy and practice have, in effect, served to underpin a new regime of unfree labour in Malaysia.



Dr Eva-Lotta Hedman is a Research Fellow of the Southeast Asia International Affairs Programme. Her previous appointments include senior research fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre at University of Oxford and Visiting Scholar at the Centre for International Studies at University Sains Malaysia (USM).


Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid is a Senior Visiting Fellow at LSE IDEAS and Head of the Southeast Asia Programme.




B212, Columbia House Level 2, London School of Economics.