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British-Scandinavian Relations and 'Total Diplomacy' during the Early Cold War

Iben Bjoernsson, Professor Patrick Salmon (chair)
20 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212

A researcher of the ideological and cultural Cold War, Iben Bjoernsson has earlier published work on the British Information Research Department's work in Denmark. In her current research she has broadened this picture, looking at British relations to all of Scandinavia as expressed by the cooperation on anti-Communist propaganda and cultural work. Going by the term 'total diplomacy' Ms Bjoernsson examines relations beyond military and high politics. This gives a picture of a Great Britain which was immensely popular in post-war Scandinavia, and several steps ahead of the US in understanding and working with the Scandinavian countries.



Iben Bjoernsson is a PhD Candidate at the University of Copenhagen and a former visiting research student at LSE IDEAS. Ms Bjoernsson won the Danish Labour History Prize for her MPhil-thesis on the Danish anti-Communist organisation AIC, which will be published in early 2011.


Professor Patrick Salmon is the Chief Historian at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and member of the LSE IDEAS Advisory Board.



B212, 2nd Floor Columbia House, London School of Economics.