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Experiencing War: A Roundtable

Professor Stephen Chan, Dr Jill Gibbon, Dr Heonik Kwon, Professor Christine Sylvester, Professor Kimberly Hutchings (Chair)
25 January 2011, 6.30pm, COL.B212

event101202The roundtable will explore aspects of contemporary war that affect average people, physically, emotionally, or ethically. Drawing from the speakers' contributions to the recently published 'Experiencing War' (Routledge, 2010), the discussion aims to supplement the usual emphasis on strategic and national issues of war by addressing it from the point of view of individual experience, either as individual combatant, casualty, or distant viewer. 'Experiencing War' pushes the boundaries of war studies and war thinking, by including new and challenging thinking on humanitarianism and war, new wars in the Third World, gender and war thinking, and the sense of the body within war that inspires recent UN resolutions. It does so by addressing specific examples: women warriors in Sierra Leone; war survivors living with their memories; and even an artist drawing something seemingly intangible about war – the arms trade. 



Stephen Chan, OBE, is Professor of International Relations, and former Dean of Law and International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He is the author of numerous articles and several notable books, including Out of Evil: New International Politics and Old Doctrines of War (2005).


Jill Gibbon holds a PhD in reportage drawing from Wimbledon School of Art/University of Surrey.  An artist, activist and art historian, she reverses the usual focus of war art on the war zone by drawing the military-industrial complex. She teaches Arts and Humanities at the Open University.


Heonik Kwon is a Reader in Anthropology at the LSE.  He is the author of The Decomposition of the Cold War (2010), and Ghosts of War in Vietnam (2008), which won the Kahin Prize of the Association for Asian Studies.


Christine Sylvester is Professor of International Relations and Development at Lancaster University UK, and Kerstin Hesselgren Chair, Sweden, 2010-2011. She has authored Feminist International Relations: An Unfinished Journey (2004) and Art/Museums: International Relations Where We Least Expect It (2009).


Kimberly Hutchings is Professor and Head of the Department of International Relations at LSE. Her recent books include Time and World Politics: Thinking the Present (Manchester University Press, 2008) and Global Ethics: An Introduction (Polity Press, 2010).



B212, 2nd Floor Columbia House, London School of Economics.  Map.