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Power Shift: West to East

Professor Michael Cox, Professor Arne Westad, Stryker McGuire (chair)
13 October 2010, 6.30pm, Hong Kong Theatre

The world is tilting away from the West to the East, from the United States to China, from the Transatlantic to the Pacific. Or is it? LSE experts with very different answers to these questions battle it out in an open forum organized by LSE IDEAS.





Michael Cox is is Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor of International Relations at LSE.


Arne Westad is Co-Director of LSE IDEAS  and Professor of International History at LSE.


Stryker McGuire is the editor of LSE Research




Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, London School of Economics.  Map.

Power Shift Myth and Reality - LSE Research
Prof Arne Westad



Prof Michael Cox



Westad, McGuire, Cox



Power Shift Audience