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The Hydra Effect of Terrorism and Al Shabab
By Martha Molfetas, Researcher and Writer currently based in London.   Within days of the targeted killing of Al Shabab leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, the group had appointed a new leader, Ahmed Umar Abu Ubaidah. In spite of governmental efforts … Continue reading

A New Development Bank, An Old Dream Coming True
By Kamila Pieczara, Doctoral Student at The University of Warwick.   At the recent summit of major emerging economies called the BRICS (B for Brazil, R for Russia, I for India, C for China, and S for South Africa), they … Continue reading

In Singapore, the Shangri-La Dialogue reflected tensions in Asian security
By Kamila Pieczara, PhD student in Politics and International Studies (PaIS), Warwick University   2002 was a year of crisis between Pakistan and India, which almost resulted in war.[1] This was also the year of the first Asia Security Summit, convened … Continue reading

BJP Victory: Leadership Cult or Institutional Change?
By Dr Manali Desai, Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Cambridge.   The BJP’s resounding victory in the 2014 elections is undoubtedly the start of a new era in Indian politics. It will reverberate regionally within South Asia, as … Continue reading

The element of citizenship and the current political climate in Israel
By Dr Lauren Banko, Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.   The peace talks between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators that started in the summer of 2013 under the auspices of US Secretary of State John … Continue reading

Nationalism in Russia and Europe: Workshop Summary
By Ben Ryan, researcher for the religion and society think tank Theos.   A few weeks ago it is probably fair to say that the point of a workshop on Russian and East European nationalisms and identities would probably have … Continue reading

Venezuela: The Failure of the Fifth Republic
Professor Maxwell A. Cameron, Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, University of British Columbia.   The turmoil that has rocked Venezuela since early February has resulted in almost 30 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and 1,500 detentions … Continue reading

2014 LSE Africa Summit: A Call Home
In the first of a series of posts on African entrepreneurship in the lead-up to the inaugural LSE Africa Summit, LSE’s Preston Ideh details how the organisers of the Africa Summit are embracing their role as entrepreneurs. African entrepreneurship is … Continue reading

The EU’s new economic governance is blurring the boundaries between European competences and domestic sovereignty
As part of the LSE EUROPP series on the Dahrendorf Symposium.   The financial crisis has brought about a number of new European initiatives designed to coordinate national economic policies in the name of stability and growth. Alexander Ruser assesses … Continue reading

‘A Strategy for Southern Europe’: Lisbon Launch
By Dr Rui Lopes, Associate at LSE IDEAS and researcher at Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC). The Portuguese launch of the LSE IDEAS Special Report ‘A Strategy for Southern Europe’ – released by the Southern Europe International Affairs Programme at … Continue reading



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