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The Balkans in the Cold War


International Conference in Athens

27-29 of May


Barbed WireCo-organised by LSE IDEAS, and Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy (Greece) this conference examined comprehensively political, economic, ideological and cultural affairs in the Balkans between the end of the Second World War and the end of the Cold War (1945-1990).

Prompted by the turbulent recent history and the expanding
historiography on 20th century Balkans, this international conference
explored the interaction between the regional and inter-bloc dynamics within the structured Cold War system by looking at the impact the Cold War had on the Balkans and, in turn, the influence of regional affairs on the Cold War international system (e.g., the Greek Civil War, Yugoslavia's conflict with the USSR, etc.). The deliberations at the conference linked the regional scholarship with the wider trends in the global scholarship of the Cold War and to the importance and role of archival collections in the region.  

Prominent scholars like Ivo Banac, Lorraine Lees, Dusan Pirjevec, Jordan Baev, Milan Ristovic, Iakovos Mixailidis among other participants covered issues such as the state building processes after 1945, the role of the US in the early Cold War, the Trieste question, the Soviet and Yugoslav relations after the invasion of Czechoslovakia and the relations between Greece and Yugoslavia. 



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