The LSE IDEAS Cold War Studies Programme is the leading centre in Europe for advanced study and research on the Cold War, its historical origins and contemporary repercussions. The Programme concentrates its research on a series of programmes dealing with the Cold War in Europe and in the Third World. It cooperates closely with a number of academic and government institutions and other Cold War studies centres worldwide - Washington, Moscow, Florence, Beijing, and Tokyo to mention a few.

Cold War Studies attracts postgraduate students, postdoctoral associates, research fellows and visiting scholars from Britain and abroad to study and research in a unique interdisciplinary environment, and work with international organisations, government institutions and other agencies world-wide.

We live in an age where the present is increasingly hostage to the past. There is agreement that problems such as imperial control, terrorism, ethnic conflict, and weapons of mass destruction originated in the international history of the 20th century, but few attempts are made at studying these phenomena in their full historical and spatial context. Understanding the present international system demands an understanding of its origins, and to not make further gains in grasping the significance of the Cold War would make us less prepared for the choices we need to make today.

LSE, the home of Cold War Studies, has led the way in the study of economics, social sciences and modern history on a global scale. Cold War Studies employs LSE's unique potential for the study of international affairs to investigate the creation of the contemporary world through the prism of 20th century international history.