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British Academy - Russian Academy Project

baraLogoThe British Academy and the Russian Academy have come together in a joint project to compile several volumes of documents in Russian and in English covering UK-Soviet relations during the period 1943-64. One of the purposes of this project is to bring the documents together on order to compare those documents held in UK and in the Russian archives on the key developments during this period.

Much of the material to be published will be previously unpublished and unavailable documentation from the archives on both sides. The Cold War Studies Centre is honoured to be collaborating with the Russian Academy of Sciences on this seminal project with the generous support of the British Academy.

The collection will cover over forty topics including the Tehran Conference, the Moscow Summit, the Korean War, The Baghdad Pact, Suez, and Berlin. The published volume will include introductions by the lead academics, substantial notations and indices, and a bilingual presentation of each document.

Please direct any questions to a.m.kalinovsky@lse.ac.uk