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Rethinking the Cold War Lecture Series

The Rethinking the Cold War Lecture Series is an exciting collaboration between the Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS and the Cultures of the Cold War network at the University of Sheffield, two leading centres in the UK for the study of the Cold War. 

It brings prominent academics to present their latest research on the Cold War at both universities. Each international speaker gives a public lecture at the University of Sheffield, teaches a masterclass for students on their topic, and speaks at an LSE IDEAS event. 

Drawing on a range of approaches, including political, social, cultural, and social aspects of the Cold War, this initiative aims to deepen our understanding of the Cold War and to foster fruitful intellectual exchange both within the UK and internationally.

Cold War Cultures network at the University of Sheffield

Rethinking the Cold War Lectures at LSE IDEAS

Rebooting the Cold War

Rebooting the Cold War: A Global History of Western Triumphalism & Nostalgia

This lecture by Prof Penny Von Eschen of Cornell University considers the restructuring of Cold War binaries in the early 1990s as many Americans searched for ‘a new enemy’, and again after 9/11 with George W. Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’.

An Imaginary War? Culture, Thought and Nuclear Conflict during the Cold War

An Imaginary War? Culture, Thought & Nuclear Conflict during the Cold War 

Collective imaginations of nuclear warfare were a central battleground of the Cold War, fought through war-games and fictitious scenarios. This panel debate explored the 'imaginary war' and how culture and individuals struggled to comprehend nuclear war. Listen to the podcast

Americans & Human Rights

The World Reimagined: Americans and human rights  

How did the idea of 'human rights' develop in the twentieth century? In this lecture, Mark Bradley explored how changes in US culture and thought from the 1940-70s changed the American idea of what it means to be free, leading to the modern concept of 'universal human rights'.


Trump and China in the Asian Century

The election of Donald Trump as president signals a profound change in US foreign relations. In this lecture, Professor Arne Westad of Harvard University asks what the reactions to the Trump presidency are likely to be in eastern Asia and whether we are facing a fundamental power shift in the region.



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