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Cold War Studies Project

Cold War Studies Project

The Cold War Studies Project (CWSP) maintains LSE IDEAS as the leading centre in Europe for advanced study and research on the Cold War. We focus on:

  • the new history of the Cold War, which uses new primary sources from recently opened archives to challenge conventional understandings,
  • the global Cold War in Europe and Third World, not just the US and USSR,
  • and the continuing modern day impact of the Cold War.

CWSP is home to the Cold War History Journal, hosts public lectures and events at LSE, and works with international partners to deliver the International Graduate Student Conference, the European Summer School on Cold War History, and the LSE-Sciences Po Contemporary International History Seminar.

Why Cold War Studies?

LSE IDEAS has been the home of Cold War Studies since it was founded as the Cold War Studies Centre in 2004

Better understanding the Cold War will make us more prepared for the choices we need to make today.

The Cold War Studies Project employs LSE's unique potential for the study of international affairs to investigate the creation of the contemporary world through the prism of 20th century international history.

Many of today's policy challenges such as terrorism, ethnic conflict, and weapons of mass destruction originated in the international history of the 20th century, but most analyses lack historical perspective.

LSE IDEAS aims to help the public understand the world better and assist policymakers around the world  Better understanding the Cold War will make us more prepared for the choices we need to make today.


Piers Ludlow

Dr Piers Ludlow is Project Head of the Cold War Studies Project and an Associate Professor in the LSE Department of International History. Dr Ludlow’s main research interests lie in the history of Western Europe since 1945, in particular the historical roots of the integration process and the development of the EU. He is the author of Roy Jenkins and the European commission presidency, 1976 –1980: at the heart of Europe. 


Dr Luc-André Brunet is Deputy Project Head of the Cold War Studies Project. He is also Lecturer in Twentieth-Century European History at the Open University, having previously taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate level at LSE and Queen Mary, University of London.

Bastiaan Bouwman

Bastiaan Bouwman is Project Assistant for the Cold War Studies Project. He is a PhD candidate at the Department of International History. Previously, he was a junior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and one of the inaugural fellows of Humanity in Action's Diversity & Diplomacy Fellowship.

European Summer School