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The next course runs for 12 months from 18 September 2017 to 1 September 2018 with:

  • 4 intensive weeks of 5 days in September, December, January, and April
  • 22 evening seminars on Wednesdays from September 27th 2017 to March 28th 2018
  • 2 policy weekends in November and February 

Download the full programme structure and calendar for 2017-2018 here. 

Attendance at seminars and lectures is compulsory.

The course consists of 4 compulsory units:

IR443 – Strategy in a Changing World (1 unit)

This course examines five different perspectives on strategy

  • new approaches to strategy in international affairs;
  • the interplay between old and new strategic actors;
  • global strategic and economic trends;
  • political and security developments in the world's key regions;
  • the nature of strategic decisions.

More information here.

2,000 word formative essay  
4,000 word summative essay (25% of final grade)

IR442 - Diplomacy and Challenges (1 unit)

This course looks at six key aspects of diplomacy:

  • the tools of diplomacy and negotiation;
  • new international security and policy challenges, such as climate change;
  • global flashpoints, such as Brexit, the South China Sea and Syria;
  • policy assessment on a major current international problem;
  • simulations on crisis management and diplomatic negotiations;
  • the future of diplomacy and international affairs.

More information here.

2,000 word formative essay
3,000 policy paper (25% of final grade)

IR444 - Strategy in Action (half unit)

A series of intensive workshops give participants experience in evaluating foreign policy decisions and options, preventative action to reduce near-term risks and threats, and the development of longer term strategies. Through group exercises, participants will be asked to prepare a strategy and policy paper relevant to the day. In addition, brief sessions on methodology will lay the foundations for the formulation of a dissertation topic which must be in the form of a 3,000 word dissertation plan. This module is taken in conjunction with IR496 Dissertation.

More information here.

3,000 word dissertation plan (12.5% of final grade). This should include the title, an abstract, a problem statement which should identify the features and theoretical concepts associated with the topic, the aims and objectives (including research questions or hypotheses), a literature review and the methodology.

IR496 - Dissertation: MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy (1.5 units)

A 15,000 word dissertation will address a topic in the social sciences drawn broadly from the three core courses. This will normally be a library based dissertation. The topic should make central use of concepts in the study of strategy and diplomacy and should demonstrate a good understanding of these concepts and implications. The dissertation will draw on empirical topic areas but should also demonstrate a high degree of conceptual originality. This course is taken in conjunction with IR444 Strategy in Action.

More information here.

15,000 word dissertation (37.5% of final grade)

Although the syllabus is wide-ranging, there are no optional courses within the programme. Participants, however, are free to attend any of the lectures given at the LSE.

Find out what you need to apply to the programme here.