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Student Profiles

The course participants are mid-career, busy professionals from the world of international affairs, defence, finance, international business and NGOs.

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Below you can meet some of our past participants and read what they have to say about us.


Rosimar Da Silva Suzano, Minister, Brazilian Embassy, London

"The course has afforded new and invaluable pathways to rethinking and dealing with global challenges."


Edward Ferguson, Head of Defense Strategy and Priorities, UK MoD

"I have found the course enormously valuable as a source of practical advice and ideas which I am feeding directly into the process of preparing for the next National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015."


Lei Zhang, Department of International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PR China

“It gave me new perspectives that will play a catalytic role in my career”


Yohei Matsuda, Deputy Director, Corporate Affairs Division Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

“Planning ahead in public policy requires some strategic thinking and a deep understanding of geopolitical transitions; insights gained on the course are always on my mind when designing economic policies towards the Asia-Pacific region”


Michael Muench, Advisor to the CDU/CSU group in the German Parliament

"The course has equipped me with the analytical tools necessary for making sense of today's multi-faceted world and, as a political advisor, has enabled me to formulate better policy."


Kara Owen, Deputy Ambassador, Paris-designate.

"This combination of thought provoking discussion and practical guidance on how to think strategically means that I will prepare for my new post in a very different way."


Alper Ozden, Adviser, Office of the Turkish Prime Minister.

"The wealth of knowledge and experience shared with us was priceless." 


Karen Pierce, Director of Afghanistan and South Asia, Foreign Commonwealth Office

"Right from the first week I was able to apply the lessons I had learnt to our operational and policy work and to coach my teams to look at issues differently." 


Darshini Subramaniam, Assistant Director, Ocean Strategy Unit, Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia

"This course’s unique structure and diverse group of students equipped me with an out of the box perspective on international affairs”


Amy Wilson, Special Assistant to Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs, U.S. Department of State

“In my current position, working towards U.S. hosted 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, I find myself constantly drawing on strategic concepts introduced in the program to examine policies through a new lens” 


Dominic Wilson, UK National Security Council Secretariat.

"It provides a unique forum for the kind of multi-disciplinary thinking that is essential for strategy making in today's complex world."


Xu Wei, Staff Officer, Ministry of National Defence, PRC.

"This is a wise, timely and bold initiative by LSE IDEAS to train serious thinkers in how to make tomorrow's world more manageable."


Andrew Arnold, Senior Business Development Manager, BG Group.

"The course is highly practical and immediately applicable to what I do in my day job in global business development: the richly provocative insights into geopolitics and international strategy have transformed my perspective on how my industry operates."


Lucia Catalan, Head of Asset Management.

"The masters offers a unique perspective in geopolitics and strategy taught by leading academics in one of the best universities in the world. The combination of a diverse multinational group of people from the public and private sector has proven invaluable for the weekly discussions about very relevant global issues."


Dwight Gibson, Vice President of Transport Solutions, Ingersoll Rand.

"The major strength of this program is the high quality of the lecturers and the diversity of the students – I am very impressed with the thoughtfulness of my fellow classmates and the unique perspectives they bring to bear."


Jenifer Law, Vice President, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment, BlackRock

“The programme’s innovative and extremely successful approach has been of particular benefit to my work with global multinational corporations”


Natalia Lechmanova, Senior Country Risk Analyst, Standard Chartered Bank.

"The course helps people from multinational firms to understand the significance of the changes taking place in the world as well as how to become better strategic thinkers and risk managers."


Reza Therani, Business Executive.

"By amalgamating strategy with international affairs this carefully crafted course opens up new insights and perspectives that are especially valuable for international corporate executives."


Nicolas Trindade, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

"The course enables me to enhance my understanding of how international relations can affect the global economy, ultimately helping me make better investment decisions."



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