Pharmaceutical companies almost exclusively sponsor studies that favour their products - But, asks Huseyin Naci, does this mean that all industry-sponsored research is biased?Do insurance premiums reflect the real risk of hurricanes?This week’s Gearty Grilling: Paul Cheshire on the housing crisisYou can literally put words into another person’s mouth and most people are none the wiser - PhD student Kevin Corti replicates famous cyranoid experimentsGraduate Open Evening 5 November 2014

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LSE report reveals £8 billion cost of mental health problems in pregnancy|Perinatal mental health problems cost the UK £8.1 billion each year, according to report released by LSE and the Centre for Mental Health. TRIUM Executive MBA Programme ranked number one in world by Financial Times survey|TRIUM Global Executive MBA Programme, in which LSE is a partner, has been ranked number one in the world in annual ranking of Executive MBA programmes.This week's Gearty Grilling: Paul Cheshire on the housing crisis|Paul Cheshire, Professor Emeritus of Economic Geography, argues that green belt land should be used to solve the housing crisis.

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Robert Fico                 

The Slovak Republic in the European Union|

Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia, will deliver a public lecture at LSE discussing Slovakia’s position in the European Union. Event date: Thursday 30 October


The Social Life of Money|

Questions about the nature of money have gained a new urgency in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. LSE’s Nigel Dodd, one of today’s leading sociologists of money, will reformulate the theory of the subject for a post crisis world in which new kinds of money are proliferating. Event date: Thursday 23 October

Nominal Democracy? Prospects for Democratic Global Governance|

Democratic global governance is a worthy ideal, but it is a naïve pursuit which risks purely nominal democracy. Robert O Keohane, Professor of International Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, will speak at LSE. Event date: Tuesday 28 October

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Scotland has had its say, now it is the turn of the whole UK. LSE has already begun. On 26 June 2014, the School's new Saw Swee Hock Student Centre hosted a very special celebration of democracy: ConstitutionUK's Constitutional Carnival.


Speaker: Professor Lord Giddens
Recorded: Tuesday 14 October 2014, approx. 86 minutes  

Speaker: Dr Joyce Banda
Recorded: Wednesday 15 October 2014, approx. 83 minutes        

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Illegality Inc by Ruben Andersson    

Illegality, Inc.|

Ruben Andersson

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