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First-time buyers priced out by the 'accidental landlord', says new LSE research

First-time buyers have been priced out of the ownership market by richer households who keep their starter homes for renting out when trading up.

Is intergenerational living the secret to good mental health in old age?

Intergenerational cohabitation (parents and adult children living in the same household) may have contributed to curbing high rates of depressive symptoms among older people during the Great Recession, according to new research. . 

High incomes study shows women are less than a quarter of top one per cent

A new study by LSE’s International Inequalities Institute shows that women make up a smaller and smaller fraction of those with high incomes, the closer you get to the top.

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The World's First Intensive Growth: geopolitics, the market and state in 10-12th century China 

China had the first intensive economic growth ever recorded in world history. What were the factors and dynamics behind this remarkable growth? Join us for this inaugural lecture by Kent Deng, Professor of Economic History at LSE. Event date: Monday 3 October 


The Future of the Labour Party 

After a summer dominated by a bruising leadership contest, what is the future for the Labour party in Brexit Britain? Can it recover from the turmoil that followed the referendum result, or is it doomed to split? A panel of leading political historians and social scientists will place the turmoil in historical context, consider the threats to Labour’s electoral support exposed by the Brexit referendum, and examine the relationship between party members and MPs. Event date: Tuesday 4 October

Autumn Events programme now online

Details of LSE's public events programme for this autumn have been released. Check out the schedule which includes events with equality champion Laura Bates; Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, Director of Liberty Martha Spurrier; Professor of Economics at Stanford University Raj Chetty; neuroscientist Susan Greenfield; Harvard academic Kenneth S Rogoff; and entrepreneur Jacqueline J Lam.

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The Wealth of Humans: work, power, and status in the
twenty-first century

Speaker: Ryan Avent (pictured)
Recorded: Monday 26 September 2016, approx. 67 minutes    


Speaker: Vivienne Westwood
Recorded: Monday 26 September 2016

Speaker: Sir Paul Nurse
Recorded: Wednesday 28 September 2016

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