Misato Sato

Post Doctoral Researcher

Misato’s current and future work programme builds upon previous PhD research, and will aim to provide empirical insights to support debates around strengthening mitigation policies for energy intensive industry whilst addressing competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns.


Misato was previously a PhD student, based at the Grantham Research Institute. Prior to this, she was a Research Assistant at the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) in the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge.

Research programmes

Research interests

  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme allocation rules and market design;
  • Carbon pricing and impact on industrial competitiveness and carbon leakage;
  • Impact of carbon pricing on firms' behaviour and innovation.

Policy articles


Neuhoff, K., Vanderborght, B., Ancygier, A., Atasoy, A.T., Haussner, M., Ismer, R., Mack, B., Ponssard, J.P., Quirion, P., van Rooij, A., Sabio, N., Sartor, O., Sato, M., and Schopp, A. Carbon control and competitiveness post 2020: The Cement Report. February 2014. Climate Strategies report, UK. External link to article| 

Research articles


Sato, M., Neuhoff, K., Graichen, V., Schumacher, K., and Matthes, F. Sectors under scrutiny – Evaluation of indicators to assess the risk of carbon leakage in the UK and Germany. May 2013. Working Paper, Grantham Research Institute, London, UK. Download PDF of paper| (2.15MB)

Laing, T., Sato, M., Grubb, M., and Combert, C. Assessing the effectiveness of the EU Emissions Trading System. February 2013. Working Paper, Grantham Research Institute, London, UK. Download PDF of paper

Sam Fankhauser, Alex Bowen, Raphael Calel, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, David Grover, James Rydge and Misato Sato. November 2012. Who will win the green race? In search of environmental competitiveness and innovation. Working paper, Grantham Research Institute, London, UK. Download PDF of paper|

Sato, M. April 2012. Embodied carbon in trade: a survey of the empirical literature. Working Paper, Grantham Research Institute, London, UK. Download PDF of paper| 

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 Misato Sato