Working papers from 2010

Working papers by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, published in 2010.

These papers are ordered by date of most recent.


Working Paper 33

A comparison of reduced-form permit price models and their empirical performances|

Georg Grull and Luca Taschini

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Working Paper 32

Growth dynamics of energy technologies: using historical patterns to validate low-carbon scenarios|

Charlie Wilson

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Working Paper 31

Normalizing economic loss from natural disasters: a global analysis


Eric Neumayer and Fabian Barthel

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Working Paper 30

A trend analysis of normalized insured damage from natural disasters|

Fabian Barthel and Eric Neumayer

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Working Paper 29

New rules, new politics, same actors: explaining policy change in the EU ETS


Andrés J. Drew

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Working Paper 28

Comment: 'Knock knock: where is the evidence for dangerous human-caused global warming?' by Robert M. Carter|

Bob Ward

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Working Paper 27

Enforcement-proof contracts with moral hazard in precaution: ensuring 'permanence' in carbon sequestration


Ian A. MacKenzie, Markus Ohndorf and Charles Palmer

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Working Paper 26

Cap-and-trade properties under different hybrid scheme designs|

Georg Grüll and Luca Taschini

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Working Paper 25

Environmental economics and modelling marketable permits|

Luca Taschini

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Working Paper 24

Ambiguity and climate policy|

Antony Millner, Simon Dietz and Geoffrey Heal

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Working Paper 23

Probabilistic regional and seasonal predictions of twenty-first century temperature and precipitation|

David Stainforth

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Working Paper 22

Auctioning conservation contracts in the presence of externalities|

Raphael Calel

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Working Paper 21

International climate policy after Copenhagen: towards a 'building blocks' approach|

Robert Falkner, Hannes Stephan and John Vogler  


Working Paper 20 is not currently available

Working Paper 19  

Does adaptation to climate change provide food security? A micro-perspective from Ethiopia |

Salvatore Di Falco, Marcella Veronesi and Mahmud Yesuf

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Working Paper 18

On non-marginal cost-benefit analysis


By Simon Dietz and Cameron Hepburn 

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Working Paper 17

Invention and transfer of climate change mitigation technologies on a global scale: a study drawing on patent data|

Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Matthieu Glachant, Ivan Hascic, Nick Johnstone and Yann Ménière 

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Working Paper 16 

Environment policy and the economic downturn|

Alex Bowen and Nicholas Stern

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Working Paper 15

Why is the USA so energy intensive? Evidence for US multinationals in the UK|

Ralf Martin

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