Policy papers from 2014

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Policy papers are aimed at a broad readership of decision-makers in the public, private and third sectors, in the UK and overseas, based on research carried out by members of the Institute.

These documents may involve collaborations with other individuals or organisations (such as the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy [CCCEP]| or Imperial's Grantham Institute for Climate Change|). Each paper is reviewed by at least two internal referees from the Institute before being published.

As policy papers seek to address newly-emerging issues in a timely manner, they are published without being professionally typeset. Policy papers also include contributions by the Institute's members to reports published by policymakers, businesses and other organisations.

Below is a list of policy papers produced in 2014, in order of most recent.

You may also be interested in our policy briefs| and briefing notes|.

For further assistance, contact our Policy Communications Manager, Chris Duffy|.



Walking alone? How the UK's carbon targets compare with its competitors'

Samela Bassi, Sam Fankhauser, Fergus Green and Michal Nachmany


Non-economic losses in the context of the UNFCCC work programme on loss and damage

Sam Fankhauser, Simon Dietz and Phillip Gradwell


System responsiveness and the European Union Emission Trading System

Luca Taschini, Sascha Kollenberg and Chris Duffy