Briefing notes

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The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment publishes policy briefs and papers| aimed at a broad readership of decision-makers in the public, private and third sectors.

Below are briefing notes that either give an overview of these policy reports and pick out key recommendations, or summarise a topical policy issue.


Flood insurance and the Water Bill: briefing note
|Florence Crick, Sam Fankhauser, Swenja Surminski and Bob Ward

Recent and future changes in the global and UK climate: briefing note
Bob Ward and Naomi Hicks

The IPCC report-writing process: briefing note
Naomi Hicks and Bob Ward

The Climate Change Act: briefing note
|Samuela Bassi, Bob Ward and Dimitri Zenghelis

An Independent National Adaptation Programme for England: briefing note
Sam Fankhauser, Nicola Ranger, Jonathan Colmer, Susannah Fisher, Swenja Surminski, David Stainforth and Andrew Williamson


The case for and against onshore wind energy in the UK: briefing note
Samuela Bassi, Alex Bowen and Samuel Fankhauser

A strategy for restoring confidence and economic growth through green investment and innovation: briefing note
Dimitri Zenghelis


Building effective and sustainable risk transfer initiatives in low- and middle-income economies: what can we learn from existing insurance schemes?: briefing note
Swenja Surminski and Delioma Oramas-Dorta

The case for carbon pricing: briefing note
Alex Bowen

Climate change policy in the United Kingdom: briefing note
Alex Bown and James Rydge