Citizens of Riverdale Hospital v. Bridgepoint Health Services (O.J. No. 2527, 2007)

Year opened: 2007
Status: Decided
Jurisdiction: Canada
Principle law(s): Planning Act
Mitigation/adaptation: Mitigation


Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Canada. A citizen’s group opposed the demolition of a hospital in the City of Toronto. Among other reasons, the group argued that the Ontario Municipal Board had failed to adequately consider the issue of greenhouse gas emissions. The Court concluded that although CO2 emissions is an important environmental concern, the City and the Board had adequately considered the issue and correctly found the proposal to meet the requirements of section 24(1) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P-13, as amended.

Core objective(s): Challenge to municipal board’s decision approving the demolition of a hospital
Side A: Citizens of Riverdale Hospital (Individual)
Side B: Bridgepoint Health Services (Ngo)
  • Application dismissed (Superior Court of Justice of Ontario)

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