Chicago Climate Exchange v. Bourse de Montreal (Trade-marks Opposition Board, 2014)

Year opened: 2014
Status: Decided
Jurisdiction: Canada
Principle law(s): Trade-mark’s Act 1985
Mitigation/adaptation: Mitigation


The Chicago Climate Exchange opposed an application for the trademark of the Montreal Green Exchange, a green exchange for carbon trading and other environmental products and instruments. The Chicago Climate Exchange alleged that the name of the exchange was confusing with its registered trademarks, Montreal Climate Exchange and Marche Climatique de Montreal. Due to the similarity in the nature of services and the degree of resemblance between the marks, the court found in favor of the Chicago Climate Exchange and refused the application.

Core objective(s): Challenge trademark application
Side A: Chicago Climate Exchange (Corporation)
Side B: Bourse de Montreal (Corporation)
  • Successful (Trade-marks Opposition Board)
Case document(s):

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