Utility targets for increasing energy efficiency/introduction of white certificates (Ministerial Decree)

Ministerial decrees of 2000 and subsequent amendments establish national targets for increasing energy efficiency in end-uses of energy up to 2012 for electricity and gas distributors. Italian Distribution System Operators (DSO) of gas and electricity with more than 100,000 customers were obliged to achieve energy savings not lower than the target defined within the scheme.

Companies that carry out energy efficiency improvement projects related to district heating, including use of renewable energy sources and technologies, may obtain white certificates, tradable on a specific environmental exchange managed by GME.

The 2007 amendment extended the system to 2012 and extended the scope of the programme to companies with more than 50,000 customers.

Quantified targets

0.1 Mtoe reduction in primary energy consumption (50% from natural gas reduction) by 2002, then 0.5 by 2003, 0.9 by 2004, 1.2 by 2005, 1.6 by 2006 compared with a business as usual scenario

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