Strategic Energy Plan

The Strategic Energy Plan aims at setting the government’s strategy on energy policy. The third version, released in 2014, sets emissions and other energy-related targets for 2030. The Plan notably defines an increased role of renewables in the medium and long terms, and determines the nuclear policy post Fukushima. The Long Term Energy Supply and Demand Outlook, released on July 16, 2015 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is based on the Strategic Energy Plan. The Outlook sets out the optimal combination of energy sources for 2030.

Quantified targets

GOJ continues expanding subjects of Top Runner Program, and regarding highly efficient lighting equipment (e.g. LED lighting and organic EL lighting), we aim to achieve a penetration rate of 100% on a flow basis by 2020 and on a stock basis by 2030 by 2020, 2030 against a 2014 baseline

Energy | Energy Efficiency | Base Year Target | Base year: 2014

Storage battery business will capture a share of 50% in the global storage battery market (20 trillion yen) by 2020 against a 2014 baseline

Energy | Energy Storage | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2014

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