Second National Environmental Action Plan

the Government elaborated the Second National Environmental Action Plan (PANA II), which has a 10-year horizon (2004-2014). The Plan’s general objective is to provide the country with a strategy that promotes a rational use of natural resources and a sustainable management of economic activities. PANA II intends to respond to Cape-Verde’s topographic and agro-ecological diversity, which is reflected in the different environmental concerns and opportunities in each municipality.
The document identifies as priority environmental problems:
i) the limited availability of water suitable for home consumption and economic
development activities;
ii) the loss of marine and terrestrial biodiversity;
iii) the poorly developed basic sanitation infrastructure that considerably affects
public health and tourist development.
PANA II incorporates the development orientations adopted at International Meeting on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002.
By means of a transversal, participatory and decentralised process, involving public and private sectors, municipalities, Non-Governmental Organisations and other civil society groups, four priority interventions were identified:
i) Sustainable management of water resources:
ii) Basic sanitation,
iii) Biodiversity and
iv) Spatial planning.

Quantified targets

At least 2% annual increase of renewable sources in the national energy balance by 2005 against a 2004 baseline

Energy | Renewable Energy | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2004

Convert 10% of semi-arids zones to agro-pastoral activities by 2013

LULUCF | Land Use Change | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2004

Rational energy use plans in at least 25% of public services by 2005 and 100% by 2013 by 2005, 2013 against a 2004 baseline

Energy | Energy Intensity | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2004

Reduction of wood and biomass use by 50% by 2007 by 2007 against a 2004 baseline

Energy | Fuels | Trajectory Target | Base year: 2004

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