Priority Framework for Action: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management in Agriculture 2011-2020

This policy outlines the Nepalese government’s approach to adapting to climate change and disaster risk management in the agricultural sector. It has five priorities: (1) strengthening institutions, policy and coordination, (2) assessing and monitoring climate risks and vulnerabilities, (3) improved knowledge management, database and awareness raising, (4) implementing technical options by integrating community based approaches, (5) strengthening capacities for effective risk preparedness, response and rehabilitation.

This policy serves to integrate the priorities of Nepal’s National Adaptation Program of Action and its National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management. In doing so, it creates space for government cooperation on the technical matters concerning both and enhances the government’s ability to implement immediate actions concerning climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. This policy also outlines short-term priorities related to disaster response, medium-term priorities related to disaster risk reduction, and long-term priorities related to climate change adaptation, integrating them in a single policy.

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