Philippine National REDD-plus Strategy

The Philippine National REDD+ Strategy (PNRPS) presents a broad range of strategies and corresponding activities over a 10-year time horizon (2010-2020), and seeks to prepare forestlands managers throughout the country to assume responsibility in implementing REDD+ programmes, research, projects and activities with the support of international, national and local agencies, NGOs and other support groups.

The PNRPS offers an overview of the forestry sector, a legal review of national policies in the context of REDD+, and a strategic outlook for REDD+ development. It specifies REDD+ strategies and activities to facilitate REDD+ development over a 3-5 year Readiness Phase, and scaling up to a 5-year Engagement Phase. These strategies are presented within seven overlapping components: Enabling Policy; Governance; Resource Use, Allocation and Management; Research and Development; Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of emissions reductions and review procedures for non-carbon; social and environmental impacts and benefits; Sustainable Financing, and Capacity Building and Communication.

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