Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change is an extensive document that has been developed by the Canadian government in association with the ten provinces to lay out a mitigation strategy as well as a pathway towards a clean economy.

The plan details a number of national orientations over 1) the objective of meeting, or exceed, Canada’s 2030 target of a 30 percent reduction below 2005 levels of greenhouse gases emissions, 2) adaptation, 3) and mentions province-wide projects happening in different provinces, such as the “community-based energy generation” scheme of New Brunswick or the efforts towards electrification of transportation in Quebec.

Specific policies include:

    • carbon pricing, with a federal benchmark calling a price starting at $10/tonne in 2018 and a $10/year increase until it reaches $50/tonne in 2022.


    • efforts to support clean technologies at early stage and their implementation at industrial scale. The plan seeks an increase of renewables in the electricity mix (currently at 80 %), a reduction in the reliance on diesel in local communities power generation, energy efficiency in new buildings and retrofitting. The objectives of mitigation and adaptation are meant to be combined with jobs creation and economic growth.


    • Increased stored carbon in forests, use of wood for construction, bioenergy and bio products.


    • Adaptation – focusing on vulnerable regions and especially the Arctic, to translate scientific information and traditional knowledge into action, building regional adaptation capacity expertise, resilient infrastructure and standards, address climate-related health risks, support communities and respecting the rights of Indigenous people.


    • Federal and province level yearly reporting on greenhouse emissions, to determine whether the country’s progression is in line with the set out pathway of greenhouse gases emissions reductions by 2030.



Quantified targets

0% traditional coal in energy mix by 2030

Energy | Renewable Energy | Base Year Target | Base year: 2030

100% energy from renewables by 2025

Energy | Renewable Energy | Base Year Target | Base year: 2025

40-45% cut in methane emissions from oil and gas sector by 2025

Energy | Energy Efficiency | Base Year Target | Base year: 2025

30% annual cut in GHG emissions  by 2030 against a 2005 baseline

Economy Wide | Economy Wide | Base Year Target | Base year: 2005

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