National Climate Change Investment Plan 2013-2018

This plan identifies four key priority areas to promote climate change management in Malawi: adaptation; mitigation; climate change research, technology development and transfer; and capacity building. It details a regulatory framework, financing opportunities and eleven programmes to enable needed for its implementation:

1) Adaptation Investments: a. Integrated Watershed Management Programme; b. Improving Climate Change Community Resilience through Agriculture Pro duction; c. Climate Change Proofing of Infrastructure Development; d. Enhancing Disaster Risk Management;

2) Mitigation Investments: a. Enhance Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+); b. Waste Management and Pollution Control Programme; c. Enhancing Energy-Saving Technology Programme;

3) Research, Technology Development and Transfer Investments: a. Climate Change Adaptation Technology Development (CCATD); b. mitigation technology (CCMTD), c. Adaptation and Mitigation Technology Transfer (AMTT);

and 4) capacity development.

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