Low Carbon and Climate Change Resilient Development Strategy 2016 – 2025

The Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development Strategy is a mid-term and short-term thematic intersectoral strategy covering the period 2016-2025. It responds to Benin’s dual need to address the adverse effects of climate changem in particular the identification, adoption, dissemination and appropriation of adaptation measures on the one hand, and the desire to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions on the other. The overall objective of this strategy is divided into three specific objectives: (a) strengthening the resilience of local communities and economic production systems (OS-1), (b) reducing GHG emissions from anthropogenic sources (OS -2), and (c) strengthen the protection of communities, especially those most vulnerable to natural disasters (SO-3).

The financial resources required for the implementation of this strategy will be mobilized mainly through the three financing mechanisms that are: the state investment budget, loans, grants and donations, with financing mechanisms dedicated, including Benin’s multilateral and bilateral partners.

Quantified targets

Sequestration of at least 163 million tonnes of CO2eq by 2030

Economy Wide | Economy Wide | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2016

Avoid the emission of at least 12 million tonnes of CO2eq by 2030 against a 2016 baseline

Economy Wide | Economy Wide | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2016

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