Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (Presidential Decree 752)

The Decree adopts a target for GHG emissions, establishing that by 2020 they cannot exceed 75% of the total emissions of 1990.

The government approved in April 2014 an Action Plan to achieve the GHG emissions reduction goal that consists of three parts:
– Development of GHG emissions accounting and reporting system at regional and private corporate level;
– Development of GHG emissions scenarios for the period up to 2020 and towards 2030 (including GHG emissions reduction potential by economy sectors);
– Provisions for future development of measures for carbon regulation. As the action plan remains a framework document, it does not identify specific types of regulation but rather calls for elaboration of long-term scenarios and a concept for carbon-regulation to be completed during 2015 (aimed at providing incentives and support for GHG emissions reduction projects).

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