Finance Law 2008 (Law No. 244 24/12/2007 and Law No. 222 29/11/2007); M.D. 18.12.08; Law 99/09)

This Law confirmed the 2007 Budget Law measures, and extended the deadline of borne expenditures from December 2007 to 2010.

Putting a price on carbon: the revisions concerning green certificates are twofold. First, the incentive period is raised to 15 years. Second, the number of certificates issued varies depending on the type of renewable source, according to a coefficient of multiplicative energy produced.

Energy – demand-side policies: the 2008 Budget Law includes new measures relating to the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. In particular, it allows small renewable plants (<1 MW and < 200 kW for wind plants) commissioned after 1 January 2008 to choose between green certificates and a feed-in tariff mechanism (called “all inclusive tariff”) for an incentive period of 15 years. Both green certificates and all-inclusive tariffs are differentiated by renewable energy source.

Quantified targets

40,000 ton reduction of polluting emissions

Transportation | General | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2008

17% domestic consumption from renewables by 2020

Energy | Renewable Energy | Base Year Target | Base year: 2020

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