Ethiopian Programme of Adaptation to Climate Change (EPACC)

Summary The EPACC calls for the mainstreaming of climate change into decision-making at a national level and emphasises planning and implementation monitoring. It identifies 20 climate change risks, mainly in the following areas: health risks (human and animal); agriculture production decline; land degradation; water shortages; biodiversity; waste; displacement; distributive justice. The EPACC also identifies institutions responsible for mitigating these risks. Specific adaptation objectives include:
• Reducing impacts of droughts by cloud seeding to induce rain
• Establishing building and construction codes that ensure structures withstand extreme weather events
• Storing food and feed in good years for use in bad years
• Ensuring transportation access to disaster prone areas
• Developing insurance schemes for weather damage compensation
• Organising local communities for quick response to extreme weather events
• Preparing to cater for refugees driven out of their homes by climate change
• Mapping and delineating areas likely to suffer from climate change and extreme weather events
• Developing an accessible information network on climate change
• Developing an early warning system to alert people of impending extreme weather events

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