Energy Master Plan

The Plan has been reviewed and approved by the National Energy Committee, the Presidential Committee on Green Growth and the State Council. It is revised and re-implemented every five years over a period of twenty years. The First Energy Master Plan was introduced in 2008. The Plan is based on Article 41 of the Basic Law on Low Carbon Green Growth and Clause 1 of Article 10 of the Energy Law.

The document deals with trends and prospects of domestic and overseas demand and supply of energy, on matters concerning 1) measures for stable import, supply, and management of energy, 2) the targets energy demand, energy sources, energy efficiency, 3) the supply and use of renewable energy, 4) measures for the safety control of energy, and 5) the development and diffusion of technology related to energy, the training of professional human resources, international cooperation, the development and use of natural resources of energy, and welfare in energy.

Plans under the scope of this document include supply side plans and demand management and other low-carbon plans.

Quantified targets

Supply potential of renewables set as 11% by 2035

Energy | Renewable Energy | Trajectory Target | Base year: 2014

Final energy consumption reduced by 13% by 2035 against a 2014 baseline

Energy | Energy Intensity | Base Year Target | Base year: 2014

Reduction of 15% of electricity demand by 2035 against a 2014 baseline

Energy | Energy Efficiency | Base Year Target | Base year: 2014

Nuclear energy represent 29% of the energy mix in 2035 by 2035 against a 2014 baseline

Energy | Nuclear | Base Year Target | Base year: 2014

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