Climate Solutions Package

In 2019, the Australian government announced the Climate Solutions Package, an AUD 3.5 billion investment to deliver on Australia’s 2030 Paris climate commitments.which consolidated a number of existing government programs and policies, and initiated a several new ones. New initiatives include, among others:

  • An AUD 2 billion Climate Solutions Fund, which continues and expands the focus of the government’s existing Emissions Reductions Fund.
  • The ‘Energy Efficient Communities’ programme, aimed to improve energy efficiency standards and labeling, increasing  energy efficiency of homes, businesses, and communities.
  • Emhanced investment in pumped storage solutions, e,g. Snowy 2.0 and Snowy 2.0 and ‘Battery of the Nation’.
  • Mandating the creation of a National Strategy for Electric Vehicles
  • Support to local communities

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