Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016 ( 2016 )

Zambia's 2016 Constitution provides that "The State shall … establish and implement mechanisms that address climate change."…read more

The Forests Act, 2015 ( 2015 )

This Act provides for the protection of forests, related carbon stock management, biodiversity and the fight against desertification. It establishes a Forest Development Fund and a Forest Management Plan. It details rules seeking to protect biodiversity, regulations on forest economic productions including timber and enforcement.…read more

The Water Resources Management Act, 2011 ( 2011 )

This Act establishes the Water Resources Management Authority and define its functions and powers, provides for the management, development, conservation, protection and preservation of the water resource and its ecosystems, and details rules organising commercial and private consumption. It seeks to adapt water systems management to a changing climate, and charges the government and other…read more

The Energy Regulation (Energy) (Definition) Order, 2008 ( 2008 )

This order adds biofuels into the scope of energy resources of the Energy Regulations Act.…read more

The Energy Regulations Act (Chapter 436) ( 1995 )

This Act establishes an Energy Regulation Board and define its functions and powers. It provides for the licensing of undertakings for the production of energy or the production or handling of certain fuels. It repeals the National Energy Council Act and the Zambia Electricity Supply Act. The board is notably in charge of formulating measures…read more

Seventh Development Plan 2017-2021 ( 2017 )

This Plan sets the government's development vision over the period 2017-2021. Point 4.9 calls for fostering national climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. It also seeks to integrate the climate change constraint into sectoral policies, notably in the agriculture and water sectors. The third strategy of the plan focuses on promoting renewable energy sources. Carbon…read more

2016-2020 Implementation Plan on mitigating the impact of climate change ( 2016 )

…read more

National Policy on Climate Change ( 2016 / Mitigation and adaptation Framework )

Approved by cabinet in April 2016 ( but not available online.…read more

National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation ( 2015 )

This strategy aims at reducing emissions from Zambian forests, notably thanks to improved land management, inclusion of communities into sustainable agricultural and forestry activities, and adoption of more sustainable mining and energy practices. The strategy calls for ensuring equitable sharing of both carbon and non-carbon benefits among stakeholders. The document analyses the Zambian context in…read more

Second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2025 ( 2015 )

This document sets the government's strategy and implementation actions for biodiversity conservation over the period 2015-2025. It incorporates climate resilient principles to improve conservation efforts. It further aims to protect forests, recognising their water and climate regulation functions.…read more

National Forestry Policy of 2014 ( 2014 )

Launched in 2014 ( but not available online. Draft dated October 2009 available at…read more

National Agriculture Policy 2012-2030 ( 2011 )

Acknowledges that crop production varies from year to year due to the effects of climate change; that the agriculture sector contributes to climate change through emissions and unsustainable production practices, and provides that the agriculture sector will promote production practices that minimise contribution to climate change, such as conservation farming, tree planting, etc.…read more

National Climate Change Response Strategy ( 2010 / Adaptation Framework )

This National Climate Change Response Strategy has been developed to support and facilitate a coordinated response to climate change issues in the country. The Strategy seeks to provide Zambia with a prosperous Climate Change Resilient Economy, by ensuring that the most vulnerable sectors of the economy are climate proofed, and sustainable development achieved through the…read more

National Energy Policy ( 2008 )

Objectives include reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increased deployment of renewable energy sources.…read more

National Policy on Environment ( 2007 )

Multiple references to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.…read more
To date, Zambia does not have any litigation listed.

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Rank as emitter (including LULUCF):
Country-reported GHG emissions (incl. LULUCF) (MTCO2):54.72 (reporting year: 2000 )
Country-reported GHG emissions (excl. LULUCF) (MTCO2):14.4 (reporting year: 2000 )

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GHG inventory:1994, 2000
Climate risk assessment:


Economy wide targets - Up to (and including) 2020

    Economy-wide targets - Beyond 2020

    GHG emissions reduction of 47% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels, conditional on external support.

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      Targets - LULUCF

        Targets - Renewables

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              National Policy on Climate Change

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